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Our mission is to connect the American wine enthusiast with the exceptional wines of South Africa.

But the best part?

We desire to help tear down any and all barriers that get in the way of you simply enjoying great wine! Wine is too often misunderstood and too quickly dismissed by many. Yes...wine can be complex, but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated. Wine is nearly as old as the oldest known civilizations.

It has stood the test of time because of one simple idea: wine uniquely connects us to a place -- culturally, historically, and aesthetically -- like nothing else can.

With every sip of a wine, we drink of the past -- of a place & moment in time when those grapes were pulled off the vine.

And we are able to immerse ourselves in the senses created by the conditions surrounding that very moment. Wow! Also...wine just tastes really good! And we see no need to overcomplicate that.

We look forward to guiding you through South Africa's winelands while introducing you to some of its top producers, always ensuring that you get the best possible product at the best possible price, delivered directly to your door!


New Wines From An Old World

For too long you have been denied access to some of the greatest wines being produced today from one of the world's oldest wine-producing nations, a nation that transcends old and new world wine styles and continually over-delivers in each category.

Wine production began in South Africa over 300 years ago. But South African wines received very little attention on the worldwide stage for much of the 20th century as many countries boycotted its products during the Apartheid era. During that period of South Africa's history, its wines earned a reputation as being cheap & cheerful. But in the early post-Apartheid years, its winemakers were finally given the opportunity to travel the world and study modern winemaking practices.

As a result, the wines coming out of South Africa today rival the best wines coming out of even the most renowned winemaking regions.

It is our belief that today’s wine drinkers are adventurous and enjoy exploring wines from new places. However, it's not always possible to explore those regions in person. New Dawn makes it possible to take your palette on a journey through the winelands of South Africa and to experience wines that might be otherwise impossible to enjoy.

Socially Responsible

New Dawn proudly sources the very best wines that South Africa has to offer. We partner with wine farms who uphold a rigorous ethical framework in an effort to benefit society at large.

All of our wine farms are Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) Certified by the South African wine industry as a guarantee of environmental sustainability, and most of them also operate as either Fair Trade Certified, WIETA Fair Labour Certified, or CERES Organic Certified.

The South African wine industry is advancing rapidly and New Dawn is excited to be working with wine farmers & winemakers who are continually driving positive change forward!