The Emily Rosé + Hand-selected Charcuterie Board


You & your most favorite human in the whole world


A selection of your favorite charcuterie items -- salami, cheese, crackers, ciabatta loaf, prosciutto, pistachios, olives, grapes, pickles, fancy mustards, pâté. You name it! But don't forget The Emily wine. This versatile chardonnay + pinot noir blend is sure to delight your senses and accentuate every detail of this shared moment with your loved one!


Your happy place, wherever that may be. Around the kitchen table. Sitting on a blanket at a nearby park. In the gondola riding to the top of Peak 8. Just be happy!


Why not plan out a mid-week day off to enjoy this one?!


Because you've earned it. Life has seemed chaotic lately. Take a moment to slow down, take some deep breaths, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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