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Longridge is one of the leading wine estates in the heart of the Cape Winelands near Stellenbosch, South Africa and is situated at the foot of Helderberg Mountain. Biodynamic viticultural methods are utilized to the fullest in Longridge's vineyards in an effort to produce excellent quality wines with minimal environmental impact. Head winemaker, Jasper Raats, says their philosophy is simple:

"We want to make enjoyable wines, which are healthy to drink and of a world-class standard."

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Featured Wine

Florence Red Blend


Varietal: Shiraz // Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2013
Wine Farm: Aaldering Vineyards


Rainbow's End

committed to quality, from vine to wine

The promise of Rainbow’s End is in its fertility and climate. Situated on high-lying slopes, rising to 540m above sea level, the estate backs on to the Jonkershoek Mountain and overlooks the prized and productive Banghoek Basin, which is encircled by mountains.

The Malans have adopted a combination of traditional and new-world wine-making techniques. Anton, the cellar master, and brother Francois, the viticulturist and winemaker, take part in the various phases of production. Bunch selection, picking at dawn, sorting and plunging in open fermenters are all operations that are scrupulously done by hand, as well as light basket pressing.

The striving is for well balanced wines with their own style and character drawn from the unique gifts of Rainbow’s End.

Piekenierskloof Wine Company

fair trade wines that are simply lekker*

Piekenierskloof Wine Company is a vibrant company which fills an important niche in the regional economy surrounding the sleepy country town of Citrusdal. It assists local wine grape growers (its Fair Trade partners) by paying fair prices for their crops. This supporting role uplifts both the farm workers and the wider farming community. Fair Trade inspectors monitor the supply chain and Mother Earth is in charge of growing the grapes.

Piekenierskloof's Fair Trade farmers are thoughtful people who think about how to grow their grapes, what they are doing to the environment, and how they can continue grape farming and winemaking in an ecologically sustainable way. They desire to leave future generations an inheritance that will support them and their children without depleting our precious natural resources.

*Lekker is a favorite Afrikaans word meaning "so good"

Longridge Wine Estate

biodynamic & organic, naturally

Longridge Wine Estate is based in the Helderberg wine region, a sub-region of the world renowned Stellenbosch winelands. The Helderberg wine region is also known as the Golden Triangle, which is known for producing some of South Africa's best red wines as well exceptional Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. Longridge Wine Estate focuses on producing terroir driven wines in a natural way. Its winemaker, Jasper Raats, believes in 'natural wine-making' and farms fully organically and biodynamically. The farm only uses wild yeast, which ensures the wine shows the truest expression of the very special Golden Triangle terroir.

Aaldering Vineyards

technologically tantalizing taste buds

Aaldering, a family-owned vineyard of 24 hectares, is based in the Devon Valley, a sub-region of the renowned Stellenbosch wine region, where cool winds combine with the warm Stellenbosch sun to ensure optimal conditions during the ripening period. 

Aaldering utilizes technology to help it balance high-precision viticulture with old world winemaking techniques. The vineyard installed soil moisture probes, which allows water and temperature reading to be taken every 30 minutes. They also measure the water stress levels of individual vines to assist the winemaker in analyzing each vine's stress, allowing for optimum irrigation to each vine. And from the skies, vineyards are monitored by satellite imagery to track yearly trends while aerial drones produce infrared photographs to ensure optimal grape ripeness.

Super Single Vineyards

in perpetual pursuit of the finest fruit

Super Single Vineyards are based in Stellenbosch Kloof, which is a sub-region of the world famous Stellenboch winelands. Super Single Vineyards focuses on the production of handcrafted wines from specially selected vineyards throughout the Western Cape and the Sutherland Karoo region. The winemaker constantly pursues the finest fruits of the region to make truly unique and diverse wines.

Every element is crucial to the quality of the wines that Super Single Vineyards is producing: the right variety for the right slope, bush vines vs. trellised, depth of soil, clay content, microclimate, age of the vines, and equilibrium of the vineyard.

Hoopenburg Wines

boutique wines from 100% bush vines

Hoopenburg is a quality driven, boutique wine farm found in the Simonsberg wine sub-region of the prestigious Stellenbosch wine route. It is the only vineyard in the Cape Winelands where 100% of the wine originates from bush vines. This ensures more concentrated flavors and better expression of the terroir. All of their grapes are hand-picked and sorted, ensuring only the best juice is extracted, and their aim is to allow the natural potential of their grapes to shine through.

Hoopenburg's winemaker sees his role as one of providing harmony to the vineyard, to capture and enhance the natural balance and quality that comes from a great vineyard site, therefore producing world class wines for today's wine drinkers.

Deetlefs Wine Estate

a legacy defined, centuries in the making

Deetlefs Wine Estate is the 2nd oldest Family owned vineyard in South Africa. It is located in the Breedekloof wine region. The vineyard is located next to a mountain and enjoys early shadow cover in the morning and long cooling periods at night. The heat units in this region are significantly lower than in some coastal regions, which ensure slow-ripening of the vines with more complexity. Both the water and air in this region are exceptionally pure. All of this results in late bud break and long hanging times of the grapes, which produces wines that are full in flavor but not high in alcohol.

The soil of the vineyard is similar to the left and right bank of France's Bordeaux region. Therefore the red varietals planted feature the full Bordeaux range, with the addition of the uniquely South African Pinotage. The soil type found in the vineyard varies from well-drained, stone alluvial soils to loamy and a combination thereof. This sandy well-drained soil retains heat, which results in softer and lighter wines, high in aromatics with low tannins.

Opstal Wines

slowly aging in the slanghoek river valley

Opstal Wines is a 7th generation family-run estate known for its friendly hospitality. The vineyard is situated in the Slanghoek Valley. The region is surrounded by mountain ranges, which are often capped in snow during winter months. The snow-covered mountain keeps the temperature low and bud break takes place later than in most regions of South Africa. The cooler temperatures of the region results in slow-ripening grapes, leading to wine full in flavor but not high in alcohol.

The Slanghoek Valley is part of the greater Breedekloof Valley, an area which is agriculturally focused on wine and farms for no other product. This focus on wine production ensures reinvestment in the vineyards as well as constant improvement in technology. The focus the region has on wine has enabled it to support large volume production of quality wine. This ability to produce high quality on a large scale, means continuity of supply is guaranteed.