For the Love of Wine

Today we launch New Dawn Wine because we have a secret that we want to share. A secret that is being kept from you, a lover of wine who is not being given the opportunity by mainstream retailers to fully explore one of the finest wine growing regions in the World - South Africa.

In 1993 Nelson Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize and proclaimed a new dawn for South Africa, a proclamation that came true as he led South Africa out of Apartheid to enter the world stage and economy once again.

For wine ethusiasts the re-emergence of South Africa meant that once again they could enjoy the great wines from this nation. A new breed of wine makers were born whilst the established winemaking families continued their legacy as the South African wine industry once again flourished and commanded respect as a top global producer.

Today from China to Europe and across the African continent the Wines of South Africa are known, enjoyed, revered and respected.

So why not America? Could it be purely because the opportunity and knowledge is just not being given to the American wine lover?

Our answer. New Dawn Wine. This is a new dawn for South African wine in the US. We seek to take you on a virtual journey through the winelands of South Africa, to introduce you to some of the top producers and make sure that you can get the best possible product at the best possible price delivered directly to your door.