Are Wine Points Pointless?

When first entering the wine business, we promised ourselves we would never submit our wines for points from the trade bodies that purport to know more than the everyday drinker.

We firmly trust our palates and the winemakers we partner with. We taste numerous wines and select only those wines we think are right for this market.  We strive to present wines for every drinker, for every occasion. What possible value can a paid publication add to our own vetting process when palates come in all different shapes, sizes and biases?

As we further venture into the US market we are consistently told that consumers only want to buy wines with points. Can this really be true? Do consumers really want to trust paid publications to be told what to drink? Wouldn’t it make more sense to take a risk, buy a bottle and form your own opinion? 

We are intrigued to know what all of you think so please comment below. Do you feel there is any point to getting wine points?